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EdWatch Update: Stand for Children 0

Posted on April 17, 2012 by dmayer

Yesterday I received an e-mail asking for help.

My name is ********. I am a teacher in the ******* School District. You’ve probably heard, but last night our union voted to strike. Our neighboring school districts are in similar situations. Not a good thing. I have been feeling that something was very strange with this negotiation. Something was up. A colleague and I started to dig a little. We thought perhaps the “Tea Party” might have influenced our school board, but there seemed to be little there. Then we stumbled upon you (Oregon Save Our Schools of which I am a member) and Stand for Children.

The three districts have ties with the ******** law firm. Perhaps you know of them. They specialize in busting unions and defending school districts. Our board members seem to be involved with Stand For Children.

. . .

Our associations have been at a loss to explain where these new ideas have come from, and so far, they have been outmaneuvered by the professional negotiations and tactics being employed by our administrators. And so, we are being forced to strike. I feel like we are being led into a trap.

In response we have updated the Stand for Children EdWatch page to include the most recent financial statements, annual reports, and articles about Stand’s shenanigans around the country. Stand executives, board members, and wealthiest supporters are arrogant enough to think that Oregonians aren’t aware of its dirty dealings including teacher and union bashing and outright election buying in other states. They don’t seem to realize that what happens in Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington doesn’t stay there. We hear about it in Oregon, too, and we don’t expect to be treated any differently.

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