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Parents Across America’s Leonie Haimson tries to get a word in edgewise

Posted on September 15, 2012 by dmayer

If ever I had wished to reach through the ether to shake some sense and civility into a pundit, it was while recently watching the Kudlow Report as Leonie Haimson of Parents Across America in New York on CNBC as she tried valiantly to explain why the Chicago teacher’s strike is so important to all of us.

I feel her pain and she tries to get a word in — exasperating. Why would any host treat a guest in this manner? Rude, dismissive, and hateful doesn’t begin to describe it. This is exactly the way teachers feel each day as they go about their jobs of educating America’s students. Teachers don’t deserve to be treated as the enemy. They deserve to be heard. They deserve the community support they have received in Chicago. As Leonie points out, she is a parent not a teacher, but this strike is much bigger than Chicago teachers.

Watch and listen.

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