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How can I support Great Schools for America?

“We should invest in the skills and intellect and character of our children because they are all under four feet tall, they are all beautiful, and we should be nice to them.”

Paul Wellstone –
United States Senator

When you give a donation to Great Schools for America, you are supporting real reformers. We are a small group of volunteers working on updates as time allows. We keep our eye on Bill Gates, Eli Broad, and the Walton billionaires for starters. Currently, we have over one hundred organizations to add to Ed Watch and even more to update. No one takes a salary here, but we do have expenses. So, if you find our work helpful and of value, please support us.

You may make a donation online by using PayPal:

What do you do with my dollars?

We devote most of out energy to researching "reform" organizations, charter schools, and the people and foundations that support them. Education Watch is an ambitious undertaking. When we first started this project, we had no idea the extent to which the extraordinarily wealthy were influencing education.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. Great Schools for America is a 501.c.3 tax-exempt organization.

WE are the real reformers. Join us. Thank you.

You may also send a donation by mail:

Great Schools for America
Attn: Donations
1030 SW Jefferson Street #229
Portland, Oregon 97201


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